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Commercial Roofing from Hall Home Services

It is easy to take your roof for granted since it is always above you and out of your immediate line of vision. However, there could be more going on up on your roof than you realize. Here in Oklahoma City, roofs must be able to tolerate their fair share of storms that roll in during springtime, the intense heat that a Oklahoma summer brings and the wear and tear that occurs during the rest of the year with high winds, large hail and winter storms that roll in every so often. No matter what the weather brings, commercial roofs must be able to bear the elements, and that our roofing team of professionals at Hall Home Services can help with selecting the right products for the project!

” Your roof is our shield from the nature’s elements.” Therefore, it is importance to make sure your roof is in good condition. If it has been more than a year or so since your roof was last examined, it may be time to consider a roof inspection! If any damage is found we would be happy to give you a Free estimate for repairs or replacement of the roof! 

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To determine the best system for all your roofing needs, consider:

  • What is the best and most durable roof system for Oklahoma weather?  ” TPO, EPDM, Bitumen BUR, Metal, Close cell spray foam and silicone spray on roof? “
  • Where ponding water or ice accumulate after winter storms.
  • Your commercial roofing system’s slope or lack of slope, What’s the condition of your AC, ventilation curb seams, pitch pans, also around those pipes and main seams!  When was the last time your roof was properly inspected to catch the problem, before it becomes a real problem!
  • Rooftop equipment (e.g. cooling, warming and ventilation systems). Have recent hail damaged yours?


We provide comprehensive commercial roofing services using the highest quality materials in the industry. From apartment complexes, condo units, to all flat (low slope) roofing systems, we would welcome the opportunity of servicing your needs whether it be repairs or complete replacement situations. No matter what type of roofing job you need done, we will complete it on budget and on time. We are Insured & Bonded. Hall Home Services is your partner in the commercial roofing business. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to give our commercial roofing experts a call at (405) 373-2724

We pride ourselves on working with our local customers to ensure they receive only the highest quality roofing materials and service. With Hall Home Services, business owners in Oklahoma can expect:

  • Assistance with navigating the entire insurance claims process.
  • A 10 year, 15 year, and  20 year warranties depending on your project needs.
  • A one-year leak warranty on all repairs. ( All workmanship is guaranteed)!
  • The highest quality customer service that comes from a roofing company.


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What kind of roof would you like to see on your home or business?
Choose from:

  • TPO
  • EPDM
  • Close cell spray on foam and spray on silicone coating.
  • Bitumen, BUR
  • Acrylic coatings
  • Silicone coatings


Why Choose an Impact-Resistant roof?

  • There are potential insurance savings with this type of roof!
  • You may qualify for up to 10-30% discount Annually.
  • It offers superior wind performance up to 130 mph (Class A) UL’s toughest impact test.


We provide you with many different options from manufactures such as: 
• GAF • CertainTeed • Owens Corning • Malarkey • DaVinci • Mule Hide • ALDO • GACO • Firestone